Bath Building Society Privacy Policy

Bath Building Society Privacy Policy

We will treat all your personal information as completely private and confidential, and will not give any details about you or your accounts with us to anyone else unless we have your consent, or in exceptional circumstances where the law compels or allows us to do so.

We may therefore share your information with third parties to protect both ourselves and our customers against theft and fraud, and to prevent money laundering.

By providing us with information, you are expressly authorising us to use it in accordance with this policy.

Where information is stored
The information which you provide or which we obtain through our dealings with you or in connection with your account will be held on the Society’s computers and in other records.

Your right to see your information
Under the Data Protection Act 1998, you have a right to see and receive a copy of information held about you on our records (on payment of a fee) and to ask for any inaccurate details to be amended. For the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998, the Data Controller in relation to any personal data you supply is Bath Building Society.

If you have any questions about the Data Protection Act or your rights under it please write to:
The Society’s Secretary,
Bath Building Society
15 Queen Square

How your personal information is used
The information which we ask you to provide is used to open, administer, and manage your accounts, and to deal with your enquiries.

We will make it clear why we need the information and how we will use it, and we may obtain it from you directly, from a third party you authorise to act on your behalf, or from other organisations such as credit reference agencies.

Information about you and your accounts will be shared within Bath Building Society to enable us to make lending decisions, recover debts, verify your identity, to detect and prevent fraud and money laundering, or for marketing purposes. This may mean passing your details on to third parties or receiving information about you from third parties.